Let's engage people in new, meaningful ways.

Whether via content, paid campaigns, events or social media, I carefully consider what people want and what purpose the brand I represent serves for audiences. 



engaging people and businesses

Through events and guerrilla marketing, I help Bumble partner with businesses in Boston and LA to offer in-person, memorable experiences to current and potential users. 

Entering new frontiers

I joined Blued - a massively successful app and media company that is shattering social norms in China - to help lead their expansion into Europe. 

Changing the game

In efforts to reframe the way people socialize online, I created and helped orchestrate the national #ChangeTheGame marketing campaign.


Creating and challenging 

Spurn Media is a satirical media site I conceived of and brought to life that challenges the way we think about and consume content online (and provides a good laugh along the way). 

bridging the gap

At a time when China and the US are arguably the most influential countries affecting the world's future, my work at China's largest international publishing company strove to explore their complex relationship.